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Bad Sister Subtitles English

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Bad Sister Subtitles English

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Episode 2The first sisters to come up with a plan are Eva and Birgit. Veerle and Rebekka, the other two sisters, are excluded from their plot. "De Kloot" is planning to go to his chalet in the Ardennes alone, which they see an excellent opportunity to get rid of him. While he's in bed, they sneak in the chalet, cut the gas tank and light a candle. When they're waiting for the cabin to explode, they hear him talking on the phone outside. Just when they realise he went outside because of the lack of telephone signal inside, the empty chalet explodes.

Episode 4Bekka, the youngest sister, joins the club and proposes death by electrocution. Before his weekly bath, Birgit sneaks into the house and opens the window ajar. Minutes later, when The Prick is in bath, Eva kicks a football against the window, causing it to slam open and drag the plugged-in radio that was standing in front of the window into the tub. The four cheer as the radio causes a local power failure, while all lights in the neighbourhood go out. Moments later, they realize that he had stepped out of the tub to kick the meowing cat out of the house, avoiding his electrocution. On top of that, an old man a few houses away fell from the stairs, because the lights had gone off.

Episode 6Suspension. The sisters mix Rohypnol in "De Kloot"'s nose spray, sedating him. They drag him to the garage and put his head through a noose, hanging him. However, his feet break the infra-red rays, causing the garage door to open. His neighbour sees him hanging while gardening, and quickly cuts the rope and calls the ambulance.

Episode 9Goedele and her husband go to a new chalet in the Ardennes to celebrate her birthday. Veerle ended up collecting strychnine in the hospital where she works, a poison that acts quickly and leaves no traces. The four head to the chalet, but stay in a hotel, before leaving the day after to surprise their sister. Arriving at the chalet, they find a squad of policemen there to investigate the chalet. Amidst the squad stands a sobbing Goedele, who reveals "De Kloot" died that night. The plan succeeded, but none of the four sisters claims to have anything to do with his death.

Episode 10Veerle, Rebekka, Eva and Birgit cannot give each other alibis for the night of his death. This causes them to end up in a fight. But they're not the only ones who are eager for his death. During the previous episodes, "De Kloot" was shown to have many sour relationships with a lot of people (among those people even the Chinese mafia). After a while, the sisters still don't know who killed him, and the lack of trust between them doesn't help their research either. However, after a week it is revealed that it was his very own wife, who killed him by strangulation.

However, the two insurance agents have figured everything out and decide to confront the sisters. Mathias, one of the two insurance agents, visits Rebekka and they have a talk. The two, who are actually dating, try to find a way to solve the situation. Because of Rebekka's and Mathias' (not so) secret relationship, her sisters told her to poison him, fearing she's going to ruin the whole plan. Ultimately, Rebekka kicks the glass of poisoned Cola out of his hands, because she can't poison the one guy she loves. Mathias then reveals he's liable for fraud, since the insurance claim of "De Kloot" wasn't constructed correctly. If they went to the police to show all the evidence, the police would also find out what happened with the insurance claim, and thus both families would end up in jail. Mathias finally decides to not pay out the life insurance and to burn all the evidence that would lead to the sisters' downfal


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