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Buy Upc Numbers

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Speedy Barcodes does everything to keep our prices as affordable as possible. If you find another legitimate barcode reseller that is selling the same quantity of barcodes for a lower price than what Speedy Barcodes is offering them for, we will beat their price by 15%. The barcode reseller must be selling legitimate, authentic and unique barcode numbers and have their own website. The price match guarantee does not apply to auction type websites, such as eBay or Amazon, or to any company that is not selling barcode numbers that were not originally issued by the UCC/GS1.We will not give a discount if you find another reseller that is selling for the same price, it must be a lower price.

Since the pricing process has changed, the way people shop and sell their products has also changed. Now, customers can leave the store in mere seconds after shopping and receive the bill from the store. The reason behind this is the existence of barcode numbers. A barcode is a product lookup code that is made up of the lines and numbers that you see. There is no information hidden within the barcode. The majority of goods produced by manufacturers and products sold by retailers have a barcode attached to them either directly on the product label or by a sticker. Barcodes are for scanners connected to a computer that reads and tracks the price information of a product. This process enables the seller to make the receipt for the customer in the shortest possible time. Gone are the days when cashiers manually type product prices which used to consume a lot of time and also used to be a hassle for most customers.

How to get a UPC barcode The first step in getting a UPC barcode is to determine exactly how many different products you have that need a barcode. Companies need different UPC barcodes for each and every product they have. Each barcode must be unique. Keep in mind any time you change something (color, size, scent, shape, quantity, etc.) about your product it then becomes a different product and needs its own barcode number. Once you know how many numbers you need the rest is simple.

The best way to start off if this is your first time making a purchase is to register for a free account. Once you have completed that step, you would then select the number of barcodes you wish to purchase and then go through the checkout process. When your order has been successfully placed, your web browser will automatically be redirected over to your account center on our website where after a very few minutes you will be able to download your order directly from our secure server. Once you have your numbers you can start using them right away!

The UPC barcode is visually represented by strips of bars and spaces that encode the UPC-A 12-digit number. EAN-13 codes beginning with 0 are actually 12-digit UPC codes with prepended 0 digit. Universal Product Codes can also be used as numbers for other purposes such as wholesale ordering or accounting

One of the most important moves a new company can make is to secure UPC code numbers for their products. UPC numbers allow companies to distribute and sell their products in a variety of Point of Sale scenarios, which is why they are a necessary component in any sales strategy.

The bar code, or UPC symbol is the series of black vertical lines seen on any Point of Sale product. This symbol is unique to each product and represents the twelve numbers that identify an individual product for sale. The bar code is the part of the UPC code that is scanned at the Point of Sale.

All retail UPC codes must originate from GS1, and you may choose to purchase your UPC code numbers directly from them. However, GS1 has different requirements and higher pricing. An example is 10 barcodes, at a minimum cost of $250. This does not include the annual renewal fee for your UPC symbol, which typically begins at $150!

NOTICE: In 2016 we filed a UDRP complaint against a shady competitor infringing on our longstanding trademark


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