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The FactsMichael Steven Wirtes served as a police officer with the City of Newport News when he developed permanent nerve damage due to wearing a heavy, full duty belt which supported pepper spray, a gun with ammunition, a taser, a baton, handcuffs, a flashlight, a radio, and body camera battery pack. Wirtes asked the City for reassignment to a unit that would allow him to continue serving as a police officer without the need to wear a full duty belt. For a time, the City obliged.

Wirtes appealed the dismissal of his case to the Fourth Circuit, which reversed the lower court and reinstated his lawsuit. In an opinion written by Circuit Judge James A. Wynn, Jr., the appeals court explained that reassignment to a vacant position was an accommodation of last resort and that the City had failed to prove that it could not have accommodated Wirtes in his police officer job by allowing him to wear a shoulder holster or exempting him from police assignments requiring a full duty belt.

Q. I am 59 with 23 years of civilian service under FERS. My organization gave me a management-directed reassignment outside this area (from Virginia to Kansas). I was given 10 calendar days to agree to move or be involuntarily separated through no fault of my own. Am I eligible for severance pay A. Yes.

There are a number of programs available for active federal employees to request and obtain transfers to other locations or for reassignment to another organizational office at your current duty station. For those who want to relocate for personal reasons employees may request reassignment under the Internal Placement Program or apply for a hardship transfer. Follow the procedures outlined below and discuss your desires with your supervisor and human resources staff. They can guide you through the process. There is no guarantee that the agency will be able to approve your request. Agencies have to evaluate their organizational needs prior to approving any transfer.

Under certain conditions federal government employees may request reassignment from one organization or geographic location to another. This is a considerable benefit to the employee and it can also benefit the agency as well. If you desire to transfer to a larger office that has more developmental and career advancement opportunities or simply to relocate to a more desirable area you can use the Internal Placement Process (IPP). Some agencies call the program Employee Requested Reassignment (ERR). Every Department has their own internal program however they all follow similar guidelines as outlined here.

Career and career-conditional employees located in the continental United States may request reassignment at any time to any other Agency position for which they are qualified. Employees occupying excepted positions may request reassignment only to other excepted positions, unless they are eligible to apply for positions in the competitive service because of having previously acquired civil service status.

The procedure is similar to the IPP process except that you must describe the hardship in your cover letter. Prepare a cover letter requesting the hardship transfer along with an application (federal resume) and give it to your immediate supervisor. Include the desired duty location in the cover letter, job series and grade of the position at the new location, and a copy of your training history. Your supervisor will forward it to the next level of management with his/her recommendation.

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