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Famous Things In Singapore To Buy


Famous Things In Singapore To Buy

Singapore is one of the most developed countries in the world. The infrastructure of the city is always appreciated, including the malls. There are over 200 shopping malls in the city and the most famous ones being VivoCity, ION Orchard, Paragon Shopping Centre, and Knightsbridge Mall.

What do you think of famous Singaporean dishes in the form of your favourite instant night fix From chilli crab to laksa flavoured noodles, these locally inspired cup noodles make a hearty meal for those who are looking to savour a taste of Singapore on the go.

Singapore a beautiful country nestled in the Southeast Asia is renowned for its clean streets, modern and tall building, plus it offers a secure environment for its tourists. The country is also famous for its beauty and culture. Singapore is also famed for greenery amidst the city, ban on chewing gum and the Marina Bay Skyline.

Planning a trip to Singapore and wondering what to doWell then, shopping in Singapore is a true stress buster and one of the best things to do in the country. From fascinating and lavish malls to kiosks and street markets there is a lot that you can explore in this enticing country. With many magnificent buildings and other outstanding spots, this country will definitely woo your heart.

Singapore is destination for all, and you should definitely bring back home something that always takes you back to your beautiful trip to the country. Here is a list of all the top things that you should buy.

Tucked away in the Queensway Shopping Centre, Thread Lightly is one of the best thrift shop in Singapore. Renowned for its three separate clothing lines: Rehome, Reclaim, and Rework, Rin Azhar's project has grown from a pop-up to a full-fledged real store with three distinct clothing lines: vintage, donated, and tie-dyed/handmade. Did you know that thrift shopping is one of the things to do in Singapore, because the products here are cheap and of high quality. It's easy to shop at Thread Lightly because they provide apparel in a wide range of sizes and at reasonable prices. Threadlightly's Local Corner features Singaporean manufacturers like Bologna Jam, and a portion of the monthly proceeds is donated to local charities.

A must-see on Sentosa Island is the Merlion, Singapore's famous statue that has the head of a lion and the body of a fish. You can take an escalator to the top of the statue and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding area. Adventurous types will want to check out The Flying Trapeze and the SeaBreeze Water-Sports @ Wave House, where you can try your hand at flying strapped to a water-propelled jet pack.

In addition to over 300 shops, the airport's most famous feature is the 40-meter-high HSBC Rain Vortex, an indoor waterfall surrounded by over 2,000 trees. Each of the airport's three terminals (all seamlessly connected) also has its own garden. There's a cactus garden in Terminal 1; a sunflower garden in T2; and a very famous butterfly garden at T3, home to more than 40 species of butterflies, a six-meter grotto waterfall, and plenty of flowering plants.

But for such a small country, with a mere 6 million people all contained in an island that does not take longer than half an hour to drive across East to West and North to South, there are quite a lot of famous element and places that people immediately recognize and associate with Singapore.

Gardens by the Bay is without a doubt, one of the most famous things in Singapore. The illuminated blue, purple and red Supertrees that inspired the movie Avatar are a sight to behold and, at night, they light up in a show of music and light that is very cool and attracts thousands of visitors every day.

There are many Merlion statues across the country, but the most famous one is in the Merlion Park, right across from Marina Bay Sands Hotel. This one spits water right into the Marina reservoir area and makes for the best photos because of its size and location.

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