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Our Approach

Facilitation of children experiences is an honorable profession.  We will strive to bring the best experiences in exploration and discovery so that the student shall become master of his/her own understanding.  Mastering the art of inquiry and conclusion.  Reaching higher and digging deeper.  This encompasses the whole of life-long learning and the joy of discovery.  They shall become masters of Inquiry (critical thinking), unaccepting of a single conclusion as taught but reached by their own experimentation.  Science is unbounded.  Engineering is fascinating.  Technology is a meaningful tool and Math is discoverable by working toward conclusions.

Our programs are based on the life cycle of a Butterfly.  As advanced insects, butterflies and moths have a "complete" life cycle. This means that there are four separate stages of development, each of which looks completely different and serves a different purpose in that stage of life of the insect.  Children develop and grow through our program at their unique/different phases of development into who they are and become ready for their world.

About us

We are committed to service to children and families in multiple locations.  We begin operations in 2011; participate in the Subsidy Program as a Level II Provider; Capital Quality Designed "High Quality", participation in the Child and Adult Food Program (CACFP), partnering with The State Early Intervention Program

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