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Child Protection Registry

How to Apply

Child Protection Register Unit Operating Status During COVID-19 Partial Telework Period.

The Child and Family Services Agency (CFSA) building is currently closed to the public until such date as the Mayor determines that the District Government shall resume full operations. During this time, no in-person applications or mail are being accepted. However, the CPR business operations are continuing, and the standard turn-around times are currently in place. 


Applications are being accepted electronically at the links below. The CPR main number 202-727-8885 is active during business hours and the general email will be monitored and responded to within 24 hours or the next business day.

  • Click here to submit a CPR check application for a new hire/volunteer

  • Click here to submit a CPR check application for a current employee/volunteer

Submit complete application package to:

Must include:

1.  Resume

2.  Credentials (Diploma or Transcript)

3.  Non-expired current Health Certificate

4.  OSSE Hiring Application

5.  Current Background Check Suitability Letter or copy of email confirmation of submittal to CFSA for review.

6.  Email confirmation of Fingerprint scheduled

7.  Copy of First Aid/CPR Certificate or Card

Hiring Application

Staff Health Certificate Form

Staff Health Information Form

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